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Monday, March 20, 2006


To prove that it's hip with the whole new media thing, has set up a faux blog (a fog) called "the Green Room." Three online columnists throw down in a format that looks like a blog, but of course, doesn't actually allow anyone outside the star chamber to post. And these guys wonder why Google and Blogger are eating their lunch. Oh well...

Today, fogger Jesse Nunes carries on about the Celtics still having a chance to make the playoffs. Jesse, no one cares. The team is buried on page three or five or whatever of the sports section.

To say the Celts are playing meaningful games in their quest to be clubbed by Detroit like a harp seal by an eskimo, ignores the fact that 16 playoff teams and four rounds essentially make the regular season meaningless. By perpetuating this nonsense, Nunes acts as a mouthpiece for NBA owners and their absurd system, which exists primarily to fleece poor suckers like him who support teams that have no business being anywhere but the lottery.

This isn't to say that the lottery is the way to banner number 17. The Celtics don't really need any more young players, and I'm not seeing any franchise players in the NCAA tournament. A lottery pick would probably be most useful in trade to get some cap relief or a veteran who could contribute. But Danny's in love with Raef (ugh), and how much veteran you gonna get for a mid-level lottery pick?

So... playoffs, no playoffs... it's unimportant. If the team is going to get anywhere in the long term, the players they have now are going to have to develop into something special.


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