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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stay of Execution

Celts blow out Knicks 123-98 last night. Here's Laske:

"God... if there is a team more deserving of pity than NY who is it? Isiah just plain sucks. They're probably waiting to see if this lady wins her lawsuit. Then they can fire him for cause and not have to buy out his contract. It was a 34 point lead a few minutes ago... it's safe to go to bed."

If you're a Knicks fan, though, you have one thing the Celtics don't: clarity. You KNOW you stink, the season's over and there are big changes in the offing. You even have something to look forward to: the distinct possibility you'll win the draft lottery (although any Celtics fans would tell you not to get your hopes up).

Celts fans, on the other hand, have to read and listen to more garbage about making the playoffs (seriously, kill me now), and more "stand by your man" stuff from Danny Ainge about coach Doc Rivers. It's like listening to Scott McClellan talk about Iraq. Yeesh.

These kinds of wins are more frustrating than the losses. I mean, Gomes went 15 and 13. Kendrick pulled down 12 boards. Delonte went for 21 and 6. WHO CARES? It’s completely meaningless against the Knicks. All it does is buy Doc another game.

The Celts have Chicago, Washington and Philly next. Best thing that could happen is they lose all three, get a better lottery pick and Rivers is gone. With things this bad in NYC, maybe we could get a shot at Larry Brown. Worst thing: they win all three, make or fall just short of the playoffs and bring Doc back for another year, only to can him when the team stinks again, thereby deep-sixing another training camp and a good chunk of the year.


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