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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

King-makers again

Is it just me or do the Celtics seem to have an uncanny knack for getting OTHER teams a ring?

The Chucky Atkins deal they did with Detroit in Ainge’s first year allowed the Pistons to grab Rasheed Wallace and a title. The Celts? They got a back-up point guard with (here’s a shocker) a huge contract.

Now, Antoine trade numero dos nets Miami a starter that, love or hate his game, was an integral part of their championship run (14 points 11 boards last night on ‘Toine-ean shooting of 6-17). What did we get? Some cash I guess and a ticket to the lottery.

But it’s all good, right? Because Al Jefferson wouldn’t have become an All-Star without the playing time. Oh that’s right… he WASN’T an all-star.

I don’t begrudge Antoine anything, though. I hate his game, but he’s a class act. Great person and a great teammate. Good for him.


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