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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No "Answer"

Soooo... it seems like the rumors about the Celts working a trade for Allen Iverson weren't quite as baseless as first reported.

What do we think of AI on the Celtics? Here's an excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell’s review of "The Wages of Wins" (David J. Berri, Martin B. Schmidt, and Stacey L. Brook, Stanford; $29.95), in the New Yorker last May:

"According to (the authors’) analysis, Iverson's finest season was in 2004-05, when he was worth ten wins, which made him the thirty-sixth-best player in the league. In the season in which he won the Most Valuable Player award, he was the ninety-first-best player in the league. In his worst season (2003-04), he was the two-hundred-and-twenty-seventh-best player in the league. On average, for his career, he has ranked a hundred and sixteenth. In some years, Iverson has not even been the best player on his own team."

Iverson's not the answer for the Celtics. On WEEI, Ian Thompson from SI is talking about how Philly is done with AI. They feel they can't win with him (which supports the analysis above). According to Thompson, the thinking is that if they don't move Iverson now, everyone in the Philly front office could get canned.

Just the guy for an underacheiving team, no?


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